About Lizzie

Lizzie McKellar

¨The constant thrill of painting lies in the ability to give the illusion of movement within the boundary of a fixed frame.¨

I grew up in rural Wiltshire and Hampshire, my love of nature certainly influenced my early work. The artists that have been my major inspirations range from Turner, with his wonderful use of light, to Peter Doig and Cecily Brown who have been my contemporary influences. Doig, using photography as a starting point, and allowing his imagination to run riot in his use of paint. With Brown, it is purely her use of paint; the fluidity of her brushwork has such movement.

I use photographs as my starting point, but through the use of paint, the images of abandoned objects have all but disappeared. The image is abandoned, the paint is now the image in all its oozy, viscous, colourful glory. I hope to convey the sheer love of paint